Getting continuous alerts as "Harmful website accessed" from Browsing/Phishing Protection even I am not opening any web site.

19-02-2020 16:54:58


Browsing Protection Alerts may occur due to many reasons like Malware/PUA, Browser Add Ons/Extensions or you are opening malicious web site.

Browsing Protection Alert mainly causes due to some malicious applications or contents try to communicate with the malicious web-site.

In above alert message, it shows information about name of Detected Web Site along with two options as below:

  • If you still wish to visit the Web site click here and try again

          This option will help us to open web site till next system restart without providing same alert message.

  • If you think this is a mistake, to report click here

          Allow us to report a query to Quick Heal Team upon false positive detection of site in Browsing Protection.

Phishing Protection Alerts

What is phishing attack & its causes :

Phishing is the illegal attempt to hack sensitive information such as user names, passwords, and credit card details (and sometimes, indirectly, money), often for malicious reasons, by an electronic communication. Communications from popular social web sites, auction sites, banks, online payment processors or IT administrators are commonly used to hack the data. Phishing emails may contain links to websites that are infected with Malware.


Phishing attack via web browsing

Quick Heal Phishing Protection prevents us from accessing phishing and fraudulent websites. As soon as a website is accessed, it is scanned for any phishing behavior. If found so, then it is blocked to prevent any phishing attempts.

Reasons / Causes (Browsing & phishing protection alert):

1) Trying to visit the web site which is not secure then may get these alerts

2) If any application installed on the system trying to visit a malicious web site in the background then we can get these alerts.

3) If unwanted Add-ons or exception got installed and trying to visit a malicious web site then also we get such kind of alerts.

How do I troubleshoot the issue?

  1. Kindly perform antimalware scanning (Right click on Quick Heal Icon present on Task Bar and select "Launch Antimalware") with latest updates, restart the system & check issue.
  2. Check whether any unwanted programs or tool bars are installed in system or not, if found then uninstall it.
  3. Check for unwanted extension are added in browser or not; remove it if found.

In case of same issue or required assistance, you may raise ticket at so our Technical Support Team can assist you to resolve your query or else contact Quick Heal Technical Support.