Getting error as "Unable to detect internet connection" while updating Quick Heal Antivirus

18-02-2020 23:24:58

Symptoms : You may come across an error message as "Unable to detect internet connection" whenever we try to update Quick Heal with following symptoms while updating Quick Heal desktop products like Antivirus Pro/Internet Security/Total Security:

  • Whenever we do perform online update, it shows error message of "Unable to detect internet connection".
  • Whereas Internet Connection is active and we can open web sites in the Web Browser. 


  1. Improper Proxy Internet/Firewall settings.
  2. Due to existing infection prior installing Quick Heal.

How do I resolve this issue?

  • Verify proxy settings by following below procedure:
    1. Open Internet Explorer >> Tools >> Internet Options >> Connections >> LAN Settings.
    2. Verify which option is selected over here. Remove the tick of 'Proxy' if you not using any proxy connection.

          3. Open Quick Heal>>Settings>>Internet settings. Verify any option is selected over here. Put appropriate 'Proxy' setting if you are using Proxy Connection.

          4. If you are using restricted internet connection like any network Firewall/Proxy is configured, then contact to Network Administrator to allow Internet      

             Connectivity for Quick Heal.

  • Due to infection-
  1. Right click on Quick Heal icon which is pinned on Task Bar.
  2. You will get option "Launch Antimalware". Select it, perform Antimalware.
  3. Open Quick Heal, Click on Down arrow near Scan NowYou will get option "Full System Scan" to perform full system scan.
  4. Restart the system and verify the issue once you done with the Antimalware and Full System Scan.

Note: In case of same issue or required assistance, you may raise ticket at so our Technical Support Team can assist you to resolve your query.