PC Tuner - Auto Tuneup

10-09-2021 18:54:07

PC Tuner - Auto Tuneup

Auto Tuneup is a tuneup activity that performs Disk Cleanup, Registry Cleanup, Traces Cleanup and Defragmenter at the click of a single button.
It is ideal for novice users, and for users who do not want to waste time by performing individual Cleanup activity.
Only the items deleted by Disk Cleanup and Registry Cleanup can be recovered.
It cleans up system clutter such as junk files, invalid registry entries, browsing history, etc.

How to Perform Auto Tuneup:
1.Open Quick Heal software > Click on PCTuner located beside the Scan Now Options.

2.The main window (Dashboard) of Quick Heal PC Tuner opens.

3.Select Tuneup -> Auto Tuneup -> Click Start to begin Auto Tuneup.

4.It cleans the junks of your PC automatically.

5.Click Stop if you want to halt the Auto Tuneup; else click Close after completion of Auto Tuneup.

Customizing Auto Tuneup:

Before you execute Auto Tuneup, it can be customized to perform as per your needs. To customize Auto Tuneup, please perform the following steps:

1.Click Tuneup -> Settings.

2.The Tuneup Settings screen opens. This screen has three tabs: Disk Settings, Registry Settings and Traces Settings.
   Each tab has a list of items preceded by a checkbox. By default, all items are checked in each of the tabs.

3.Uncheck the items in each of the tabs that need to be skipped by Auto Tuneup feature. For a novice user we recommend to keep all the items in all the tabs checked.

4.By default, take backup before deleting the items is checked. If this option is unchecked, Auto Tuneup will delete all the items without backup. We recommend that you keep it checked.

5.Click Apply to save the new settings; click Close to exit without saving the settings.