Quick Heal Anti-Tracker Feature

14-12-2020 10:16:14

Abstract :

Anti-Tracker protects privacy by blocking trackers that collect your footprints whenever you browse online.

There are trackers that collect data when you go online. Such data is used to understand the users’ browsing preferences and behavior to promote marketing or sales, display ads, share or sell personal information to companies.

Quick Heal Anti Tracker :

It ensures your online browsing experience stays private and safe. Whenever you browse online, there are trackers that record your online footprint. They know what type of content you view, which websites you access, and what type of messages you follow on any social networking sites. This is how they flash ads to your interest and clutter your browsing experience.
Quick Heal Anti Tracker blocks all trackers to stop any eavesdropping and thus you can enjoy peaceful and ads free browsing.
This feature helps you to allow or block the trackers based on categories. You can block certain trackers that you think encroach on your privacy while you can allow others that you think do not harm you in any manner.
Feature Highlights

  • Blocks trackers to protect user online footprint.
  • Boosts browsing speed.
  • Saves data and time.

Upon successful installation of Quick Heal user will get below link in default browser


Benefit from Quick Heal anti-tracking capability to protect your online behavior used for various purposes, such as displaying more relevant ads or sharing personal info with digital organizations.

Safeguard your online privacy permanently and reduce the time required for the websites to load, by hiding your activity from trackers.

How it Works? :

1. Download the Quick Heal Anti Tracker web browser extension from respective browser with below links.

Google Chrome :


Mozilla Firefox :


Microsoft Edge :


2. After installing the browser extension to the browser, Quick Heal antivirus will auto-sync with Anti Tracker.

Below is view of extension:

3. Click on View Details to get Anti-Tracker Report :

How to configure manually :

  1. Open Quick Heal Antivirus.
  2. On the left pane, click Privacy and then click Anti-Tracker.
    A summary of all websites blocked is displayed. You can configure any of the following features: Manage Extensions, Manage Exclusion, Clear Browser Cache, and Anti-Tracking Settings.

Manage Extension:

You can Enable or Disable Quick Heal Anti-Tracker extension by toggling the option.

Manage Ex
clusions :

Enter the website URL that you want not to be blocked by Anti-Tracker and then click Add.

Ensure that you enlist those websites that you trust. You may remove any website, if you prefer.

Clear Browser Cache

You can clear browser cache, cookies and browser history from this option as below :

Anti-Tracking Settings :

You can select the preferences with listed category.

Be sure why you allow or block any trackers.

Types of trackers :

➢ Analytics Trackers : used to gather data related to webpages

➢ Social Media Trackers : used to monitor social audience, activity and user engagement

➢ Advertising Trackers : used to analyze website traffic, user behavior or visitor traffic patterns

➢ Miscellaneous Trackers : used to monitor webpage functionalities and user interactions.

Important :

1.Quick Heal Anti-Tracker is not supported on Google Chrome on Windows XP and Windows Vista.

2.Quick Heal Anti-Tracker remains Inactive after Windows resumes from Hibernation If you turn Windows to hibernate mode
while Quick Heal Anti-Tracker supported Browsers are kept open and when Windows resumes, Quick Heal Anti-Tracker will remain disabled. To make Quick Heal Anti-Tracker active, close the open browser and reopen it.