How to Download & Install Fonetastic app in your device

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This guide will help you to understand How to download, install Fonetastic App on your device.

Find the Process as below:

1. If you want to download and install the Fonetastic from Google Play store :

  • Login to Google play store with your registered email id
  • Search Fonetastic app and click on ‘Install’ option

  • This will install Fonetastic app in your device & once you execute the app, it will get activated automatically post you click "I Agree" on Lisence Agreement.

2. If you want to download and install the Fonetastic App from Quick Heal website (For the users who purchased Quick Heal from Local Dealer/Market):

  • Need to visit Quick Heal website for download the Fonetastic software :

  • Select ‘Download software’ option.

  • It will redirect to below link : 

  • You can directly open the link in the browser of your device or on a computer system

  • Post downloading run the APK to install the Fonetastic App.

  • Once installation done you need to enter your Fonetastic Product Key to activate the App.

Important Points:

  • The device must have sufficient free space available to install the Fonetastic App
  • For the users who purchased Fonetastic from non-Google Play sources. It is very important that the keep their Product Key saved or noted somewhere.


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