How to download & install Quick Heal Mobile Security (Free Version)

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This guide would help you to download and install Quick Heal Mobile Security product.

Find the Process as below:

1. To download & install Quick Heal Mobile Security, please follow below steps:

  • Enter your Quick heal Mobile security valid Product key and click on “Submit”.
  • You will be redirected to link download software.

  • Click on “Download Software“
  • You will get APK file to download. Save it into your computer or laptop.
  • Copy that APK file into mobile phone by connecting mobile to computer or laptop using USB cable.
  • Install that APK file into your mobile phone.

2. If you downloading Quick heal set up on mobile device.

  • Open Google play store in your mobile device
  • Search for Quick heal mobile security (free version) in Google play.
  • Click on “Install”

  • Quick Heal Application will get download and install.

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