Introduction to Quick Heal PC Tuner 3.0

13-12-2020 14:44:53

Quick Heal PC Tuner 3.0

PCTuner is a application which is integrated with Quick Heal Total Security & also comes as an standalone application.

It helps to improve the performance of computer systems by cleaning out system clutter.

It protects privacy of user by cleaning online activities that are traced through Internet browser history, cache and cookies.

It removes traces from many popular applications like Adobe Acrobat Reader, Microsoft Office etc, and also cleans invalid registry entries of operating system.

It defragments registry hives and page files to improve system performance.

Let’s see the PC tuner feature & it’s description:

Dashboard Status :

It help to see the summaries information about PcTuner activities & also shows the status in graphical View.


1. Auto Tuneup : Auto Tuneup is a tuneup activity that performs Disk Cleanup, Registry Cleanup, Traces Cleanup and Defragmenter in one click.It helpful for those who don’t want to run each tasks one by one.
2. Disk Cleanup : Finds and removes invalid and unwanted junk files from the hard disk drive. These files consume hard disk space and also responsible for slow down the system.
3. Registry Cleanup :Use to remove removes invalid registry entries from the system that have appeared due to improper installation and un-install etc. Sometimes during un-installation, the registry entries are not deleted properly.
It helps to boost system performance by removing such invalid registry entries.
4. Traces Cleanup : Removes traces from Internet history and MRU List (Most Recently Used) of various applications.It safely deletes history, cleans the cookies, cache,auto-complete forms and passwords. It is used to secure user’s privacy by cleaning the traces.
5. Defragmenter : It defragments vital files, such as page-files and registry hives for improving the performance of the system.
6. Scheduler : Helps to schedule the Tuneup activity periodically as per users requirement. User can configure the Tuneup schedule to perform Disc Cleanup,Registry Cleanup,Traces Cleanup and Defragmenter. Schedule task performs in background.
7. Settings : Settings feature allows user to customize Disk Settings, Registry Settings and Traces Settings as per requirement(Refer Below image for same).


1. Duplicate File Finder : It help’s to delete duplicate files of various predefined file categories, It will search for duplicate files on different locations as per user input.

Duplicate files will be deleted using One Pass, Two Pass or DoD deletion method as per the user’s choice, default deletion method is One Pass.

It compare’s two files content to consider it as duplicate.

(NOTE : Do not use Duplicate File finder for Root Drive E.G ” C:\ “)

2. Secure Delete : In case user want to delete any confidential data, Secure Delete allows user to delete the data making absolutely impossible to recover by any means.

There are some methods used for data deletion in this,this are as below.

A. One Pass Random – Quick Data Destruction

One Pass Random deletion method uses random letters to overwrite the data. This method of deletion is quick and quite secure.

Data once deleted cannot be recovered

B. Two Pass – More Secure Destruction

Two Pass deletion method uses twice the number of random letters to overwrite the data. This method of deletion provides additional layer of security.

C. DoD – Standard Data Destruction

DoD deletion uses the encryption method of using random letters to overwrite data as per the Department of Defense Memo & delete it from system.

(Right Click Secure delete option available .User can enable it from Secure delete settings option) Refer Below image for same.

Note : Data once deleted from any one of above method cannot be recovered by any recovery software.

3. Start-up Booster: The Start-up Booster removes all the un-needed applications from the Registry

Run and Start-up, and enhances the start-up speed of the system.

4. Service Optimizer : Service Optimizer analyzes your system and suggests services that can be safely disabled to run at start-up based on your answers to related services.

There are four types of services available for Service Optimizer in Quick Heal (Refer Below image for same).

Network related Services

System related Services

Performance related Services

Security related Services

Reports :

This section use to check the reported for below categories.Reports are mentioned for the activity perform by user With Date & time.

Report’s are maintained for below Activity:

Auto Tuneup Reports

Disk Cleanup Reports

Registry Cleanup Reports

Traces Cleanup Reports

Scheduler Reports

Secure Delete Reports

Duplicate File Finder Reports

Start-up Booster Reports

Service Optimizer Reports

Restore Reports

Report’s are shown in below format, E.G Auto Tuneup Report (Refer below image).

Restore :

1. Disk/Registry

2. Start-up Booster

This is feature restores the items to its original locations that were deleted by the Disk Cleanup, Registry Cleanup and Start-up Booster feature.

It does not restore the items deleted by Traces Cleanup.If the Auto Tuneup feature is executed, then the Restore feature will restore only the items deleted by

the Disk Cleanup and Registry Cleanup feature and skip the items deleted by Traces Cleanup feature.

Note :

A. If “Delete items without taking backup” check-box is kept unchecked during Disk Cleanup or Registry Cleanup,  backup will not be taken.

B. In case of Auto Tuneup, the option “Take backup before deleting the Files” should be checked in  the Quick Heal PCTuner Tuneup settings screen, to restore it when needed .