How do I change the registration details of Quick Heal product key?

19-02-2020 16:54:56

Description: This guide would help you to update registration details of your Quick Heal's Product Key. E.g. User Name, Email ID, Contact number etc

How do I proceed to change License Details of Quick Heal Product Key?

You can change the registration details in following ways:

10 Successful updates after first time activation:
If you have activated the Quick Heal just now for 1st time then you will get the popup message to change the license details after 10 successful updates of your Quick Heal where you can update Registered Contact Number and Email ID only. Please refer the screen shot as below:


Registration details can be changed at the time of Product Renewal

Trial Version conversion to License version (First time conversion):

Contact Update Details feature is also available when Free Trial or OEM copy is converted to Registered copy using the Register Now option from the About page.
This can be done first time only when Free Trial or OEM copy is converted to Registered copy

Applicable for Single User Products
Not Applicable for Multi User Products

Update Registration Details Manually:

In case, if you want to update the Registration Details manually, then need to send the mail from existing registered Mail Id with below details to

1. Existing registered info such as the User Name, Email ID and Contact Number along with the Product Key.
2. Mention the User Name, Email ID and Contact Number to which you want to change the registration details in the next line.
3. The reason of changing the details.
4. Scan copy of bill invoice and batch number which is printed on the Box.

Note: You may raise a query by submitting ticket here in case of any query.