How to Install & Activate Quick Heal v23?

15-02-2023 05:02:18

How to Install & Activate Quick Heal v23?

Important tips before proceeding with Quick Heal installation:

Make sure you logged in to System using Administrator account.
Uninstall any other Antivirus program.
Check available free space on root drive.
Exit all programs before starting the installation.

Downloading, Installation & Activation Steps

Step 1: Download the latest software of Quick Heal from the link:

Step 2: Provide your valid Product key & Enter the code given then click on 'Submit' option.

Step 3: Click on Download to download the setup as per operating system

Step 4: QHTS file will download in the download folder by default
(Here we are downloading Quick Heal Total Security setup file)

Step 5: Double click on QHTS file, you will get below window

Step 6: Select checkbox to accepts the terms & condition and click on Let’s Start

Step 7: Quick Heal Setup downloading & installation process will be start

Step 8: Select location if you wish to install Quick Heal Software in any other location or keep the default location & Click on Continue

Step 9: Installation will take place as below:

Step 10: Post successful installation of product, Registration Information window will be opened as below
Click on Yes to activate the Product key

Step 11: Enter Product key & Dealer Code (Option) then click on Register Now

Step 12: Enter registration details for activation

Step 13: Click on Register to complete activation process

Step 14: Activation successfully completed:

Completion Status