How to activate Quick Heal Product key Offline?

16-06-2022 22:57:22

Quick Heal Product Offline Activation Process

Quick Heal Product can be activated where Internet connection is not available


Step 1: Open Quick Heal Antivirus and click on Register Now

Step 2: You will get below Window:

Step 3: Click on Register offline

Step 4: Make a note of Installation number & web page link ( which will require for offline activation

Step 5: Open the web page link ( on the system where internet is connected

Step 6: Click on relevant hyperlink (Click Here) based on the product installed in system

Step 7: Enter Product key & Installation Number (Installation number noted in Step: 4) then click on Submit

Step 8: Enter the required details & click on Submit to register the product

Step 9: On the next page, you will get an option to download the License.key file
Kindly download License.key file

Step 10: Copy the downloaded license.key file on the PC where activation has to perform (Can save in USB drive & copy to required system)

Step 11: Now open offline registration wizard (Step 4) and browse the downloaded license.key file & click on Register

Step 12: Quick Heal Antivirus will be activated successfully

Step 13:Completion Status