How to uninstall Quick Heal v22

07-02-2022 20:33:56

v22 Uninstallation Process
Due to any reason if you wish to uninstall Quick Heal then you can follow the below steps for uninstallation:

Step 1: Make a note of Quick Heal Product key
Open Quick Heal Antivirus
Click on Help from the top-right corner of the dashboard
Click the “About” section
Click on License details to get the product key
*Product key will be needed while reactivation. Kindly make a note of your product key.

Step 2: Press Windows + R to open Run window
Type appwiz.cpl -> Click on OK to open Control Panel

Step 3: Right click on Quick Heal Total Security & Click on Uninstall

Step 4: You will get window as below:

Remove Quick Heal and keep update definitions files:
If you select this option, Quick Heal will save license information, downloaded update definitions, reports, quarantine & back up files, anti-spam white-list/blacklist in a repository on your computer, so that these can be used during re-installation

Remove Quick Heal completely
If you select this option, Quick Heal will be completely removed from your compute

Select one of the options and click Next to continue with the un-installation.

Step 5: Wait till process is complete

Step 6: Uninstallation will be completed

Step 7: Kindly restart the system post completion of Uninstallation