How to activate Quick Heal Product by using SMS Activation process? (Offline Activation)

31-03-2022 03:16:47

Quick Heal Product Activation Process by using SMS (Offline Activation)

Quick Heal Product can be activated by SMS activation where Internet connection is not available

Step 1: Open Quick Heal Antivirus and click on Register Now

Step 2: You will get below Window:

Step 3: Click on SMS Registration Tab

Step 4: You will get SMS Registration Requirement, click on Next.

Step 5: Enter your 20 Digits Quick Heal Product Key and click on Register Now

Step 6: Enter your Personal Information and click on Continue

Step 7: Quick Heal is now ready to submit your activation request, click on Next

Step 8:
Kindly send 40 digits code as it is by SMS which is generated after filling the details, on the given number - 9225364078 / 7669991722
After sending 40 Digit code, you will get activation code
Type the received code below then click on Register

Step 9: By this way, Quick Heal Activation will be completed successfully. Click on Finish

Step 10:Completion Status