How to use a new Product Key as a Renewal Key?

19-02-2020 16:55:00

Description: This guide would help you to make use of a fresh(Un-registered) Product Key as a Renewal Key to renew your existing Product Key of Quick Heal.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Single user and Three user pack keys can be used as "Product key as a Renewal".
  2. Multi-User (2, 5 and 10 users) Product key can not be used as renewal code.
  3. Only un-registered product keys can be used as renewal code.
  4. Once a product key used as a renewal code, it can not be activated or used again.

Products Applicable:

  • Quick Heal Anti Virus Pro
  • Quick Heal Internet Security
  • Quick Heal Internet Security Essential
  • Quick Heal Total Security
  • Quick Heal Server Edition

How can I avail this provision:

Step 1: Open Quick Heal software and click on “More -> About option.

Step 2: Select “Renew Now” option from Quick Heal. Refer below image:

Step 3: Verify Product key, Name, Email Id, Contact number and Billing Details. Select the appropriate renewal period and Click on "I have Renewal Code".

Step 4: Enter the new Product Key to be used for renewal.

Step 5: After the renewal status is checked and accepted, a window with relevant pre-filled information in the  Email Address, and Contact Number text boxes will appear. If you wish to modify your contact details you can do it here in this section and then click “Continue".

Kindly note that Dealer Code option is optional.

Step 6: Click 'Renew' to submit the Renewal request with the given details.

Step 7: A confirmation message “Product upgraded successfully” will appear if Renewal is successful. Kindly click on the 'Finish' button to complete the process.


Quick Heal Product Renewal FAQ: