Quick Heal AV Version 22.00 Installation Process On Windows 7

02-09-2021 16:59:17

While installation of Quick Heal Antivirus Version 22.00 below installation error may occur if Windows 7 is not patched up by Windows Service Pack 1 and KB4490628, KB4474419 :

For resolution on above error, follow below steps :

Method #1 :- Download & execute an automated tool to install required patches on your windows operating system:
For 32 bit CLICK HERE / For 64 bit CLICK HERE.

Note :- To check system type(32/64) of your OS, follow step #2 of this article (method #2).

Post downloading the tool 'win7PatchScript', follow below given steps to install required patches automatically on your computer:-
1. Download zip file on your computer, where you wish to install Quick Heal.
2. Extract contents of 'zip' in a folder.
3. Open the extracted folder.
4. Right click on ‘launch.bat’ and click ‘Run As Administrator’.
5. Refer ‘Tool for installing Windows 7 SP1 and SHA1 deprecation patches’ document for complete steps available in extracted folder.

Method #2 :- Follow below steps to download & install required patches manually on your windows operating system:

Step 1 :
Kindly check Windows 7 is applied with Service Pack 1 or not.
To check Windows Service Pack status use below command :
Press Win+ R (from keyboard)>> Run>> winver >> OK

Step 2 : 
Kindly cross check System type(32/64) of OS Windows 7 as per below procedure : 

  1. Go to Control Panel > System and Security > System.
  2. Look at the System type under System.

Step 3 :
To check Windows 7 update status :
Go to Control Panel > Windows Update> View update history

Step 4 : 
If Service Pack 1 is not applied, kindly visit below link to download and apply the Service Pack 1 as per System type(32/64 bit, Refer Step 1 to check system type) :

Windows Service Pack 1 for 32 Bit:

Windows Service Pack 1 for 64 Bit:

Note : Restart is required after applying Service Pack 1.

Step 5 :
Once Windows 7 is ready with Service Pack 1 go ahead to install required patches as per System type(32/64 bit, Refer Step 1 to check system type) : 

Windows 7 for x86-based Systems-32 Bit (KB4490628) :

Windows 7 for x86-based Systems-32 Bit (KB4474419) :

Windows 7 for x64-based Systems-64 Bit (KB4490628) :

Windows 7 for x64-based Systems-64 Bit (KB4474419) : 

Note : Restart is required after applying required patches.

For detailed information :

Click on "Learn More" from Quick Heal installation error message :

Step 6:
Post installation of above Service Pack 1 and required patches make sure system is restarted and proceed with Quick Heal antivirus installation.

Note: In case of any assistance, you can Click Here so our Technical Support Team can assist you.