Why does the Quick Heal registration wizard not accept my serial number?

19-02-2020 16:55:00

This guide helps you solve a common problem that might occur during activating your Quick Heal license on a registration wizard.

Error message

“This product key is incorrect. Please provide the exact product key to proceed.”

Fig 1

The below listed points will help you solve this error.

1. Ensure you are typing the correct serial number (product key). Also, please type the serial number in capital letters.
    - A Quick Heal product key never contains the letter ‘O’. If you see ‘O’, it means it is the number 0 (zero).
    - The registration wizard automatically converts product key in capital letters.

2. The registration wizard accepts a product key with hyphens (and without hyphens also).

3. Enter the product key by typing it manually. Copy-pasting the key might leave an extra space between the numbers causing the error mentioned earlier.