Points to be remembered about Quick Heal Desktop Renewal

19-02-2020 16:55:00
This guide would give you the overview of the Important points to keep remember about Quick Heal Desktop Renewal.
  • Renewing your Quick Heal ensures that your computer keeps receiving continuous security updates which are necessary to prevent malware attacks and online threats.
  • Renewal can be done anytime during the subscription period of a copy.
  • Next renewal code can be applied to product key after 10 days only after the last renewal done.
  • If the product is expired, then new expiry date will be calculated from the date when renewal code is applied.
  • If product is about to expire, then new expiry date will be calculated from expiry date itself.
  • Multiuser license packs can be renewed with SINGLE Renewal key.
  • Multiuser license pack can be renewed with Multiuser Renewal keys.
  • Single user license can't be renewed with Multiuser Renewal pack.

FAQ’s: You may go through the below FAQ for more details