Points to be remembered about Quick Heal Desktop Renewal

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This guide would give you the overview of the Important points to keep remember about Quick Heal Desktop Renewal.

1. Renewing your Quick Heal ensures that your computer keeps receiving continuous security updates which are necessary to prevent malware attacks and online threats.

2. Renewing is also cost-effective; because it is cheaper than purchasing a new product. Also, upgrading to newer versions of Quick Heal is free of cost.

3. Renewal can be done anytime during the subscription period of a copy.

4. Renewal can be done within 6 months (180 days) after the expiry date.

5. If the license is renewed before a day of expiry date, user will receive additional 2 months validity*.

6. Next renewal code can be applied to product key after 10 days only after the last renewal done.

7. If the product is expired, then new expiry date will be calculated from the date when renewal code is applied.

8. If product is about to expire, then new expiry date will be calculated from expiry date itself.

9. Multiuser license packs can be renewed with SINGLE Renewal key.

10. Multiuser license pack can be renewed with Multiuser Renewal keys.

11. Single user license can't be renewed with Multiuser Renewal pack.

FAQ’s: You may go through the below FAQ for more details


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